Great design creates outstanding experiences that transform LIVES and business

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Experiences like this are underpinned by considered decision making. This is ultimately what great design is. The process of considered decision making is Design management. It's the practice of applying management strategies and techniques to the design process to ensure that creative ideas are effectively developed and implemented.

It involves defining the challenge through a detailed brief, ideating solutions, overseeing the design and approvals process, coordinating with different teams, and ensuring that the final design meets the desired goals and objectives.

Have you ever been somewhere and thought WOW, they've considered everything !

The whole experience just seems seamless.

Staff are friendly, engaged and knowledgable. Things are where I need them and the communication allows me to relax and enjoy myself. There are surprise and delight moments where I've just thought - WOW !

Experiences like this don't happen consistently without effort - there's been investment in the design and it's not been left to chance.

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I’m Claire and I specialise in developing and delivering exceptional travel experiences by addressing the challenge of harmonising efficiency, operational sustainability, environmental consciousness, and customer experience.

With a robust background in aviation, luxury resorts and adventure tourism, I've mastered the art of crafting seamless travel experiences, enhancing rural and coastal travel accommodation and curating sought after adventure ecotourism journeys.

I know what it takes to bring travel experiences to life in a way that ....

  • surprises and delights you and your customers
  • are efficient to operate
  • are underpinned by sustainability
  • drive loyalty, brand awareness and revenue

My approach seamlessly integrates efficiency and luxury, ensuring travellers not only navigate environments effortlessly but also immerse themselves in sustainable, top-tier ecotourism experiences. This professional journey has sharpened my expertise in creating travel encounters that prioritise both convenience and environmental responsibility, offering clients a unique blend of operational excellence and conscious exploration.

Reach out for an initial call to discover how I can add value to your project.

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consultancy services

  • interior + architectural design services
  • research, ideate, Define and Scope experiential tourism products
  • Develop strategy aligned product and built environment briefs
  • Undertake site assessments and produce pre-design evaluations
  • Source and incorporate sustainable off-grid services solutions
  • MANAGE Development approvals
  • Lead environmental and government approvals and certifications
  • Establish & co-ordinate multi-discipline project teams
  • Manage design from idea inception to operational handover

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*project undertaken whilst employed by nominated companY

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“Claire was the vanguard for every sustainability aspect for the ecotourism projects from planning approvals, procurement, product delivery, energy supply and management, waste and wastewater treatment systems.

Throughout the delivery of these projects Claire demonstrated the enviable ability to distil the complex competing constraints of the approvals and procurement into clear concise project direction for the delivery team which maintained the integrity of the sustainability of the projects and the Client’s brief.

Claire is a talented Architect with a keen eye for detail and a strong project delivery ethic with a pragmatic appreciation of the practicalities of delivering bespoke sustainable projects.

Claire’s credentials in sustainable eco tourism project delivery are borne in the successful delivery and operation of the Scenic Rim trail camps and in the delivery of a shovel ready project at Bubbling Springs.”

carlingford Projects

project management

“Architects are expected to creative and innovative, but Claire’s innovation has extended far beyond design in delivering a series of high profile and unique travel experiences in complex and challenging environments.

Claire has a unique ability to collaborate with clients and operational staff to interpret expected customer service outcomes then work with design and construction professionals to deliver quality built environment solutions. Given a challenge she has an ability to quickly understand the issues and think laterally to find balanced business and creative customer focused solutions.”

excerpt from tertiary innovation award nomination

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